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Happy Death Day 2U – Movie Review

When I heard about the first Happy Death Day film, I thought nothing of it. The trailer was cute but it didn’t do anything to impress me. I was skeptical that any slasher film in recen...

7.5 Good

Isn’t It Romantic? – Movie Review

Romantic comedies used to be a staple of Hollywood. The genre is still around but has largely died down over the last few years. Modern day society has a very different view of relationships, dating, ...

5.5 Average

Alita: Battle Angel – Movie Review

For years Hollywood has unsuccessfully attempted to transition manga and anime stories into live action. I have heard countless arguments that adapting these mediums into live action is impossible to ...

1.6 Failure

Miracle Workers: Episode 1 – TV Review

As humans we often ask, “What if God was one of us?”, and with Miracle Workers I think we might have an answer to that question. Created by Simon Rich (creator and writer of critical darli...

6.4 Fair

Maquia: When the Promised Flower Blooms – Movie Review

In her directorial debut, Mari Okada crafts a deeply emotional film that explores themes of motherhood, loneliness, and whether love is worth the pain it can cause us.

9.8 Amazing

Cold Pursuit – Movie Review

Ever since Taken hit theaters in 2008, Liam Neeson has built a steady career starring in action thrillers starring him and a gun (or in the case of Cold Pursuit, his fists). He starred in three T...

5.9 Average

The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part – Movie Review

When The LEGO Movie came out in 2014 it took everyone by surprise. Following the announcement, society let out a huge collective groan. A movie about toy blocks seemed like a long form commercial...

8.4 Great

What Men Want – Movie Review

Can you imagine hearing the thoughts of everyone you meet? Imagine knowing every secret, lie, or idea someone around you had. Ali Davis knows that feeling after hitting her head in a club and waking u...

5.5 Average

Then Came You – Movie Review

Then Came You is everything you would expect from young adult cinema in 2019. It has romance, quirky humor, and terminal illness – all hallmarks of YA films these days. With the succes...

8.8 Great

Velvet Buzzsaw – Movie Review

Velvet Buzzsaw has some fun satirical moments and a couple of thrills, but becomes a horror misfire by the end.

4.8 Poor
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