Ever since I was little I’ve loved one thing more than anything else: film. I was obsessed with movies as a child, watching them over and over again for days at a time. That love never went away – in fact it only got deeper as I grew older. When I was a teenager, I started seeing movies every week, and some of them multiple times in theaters (my record is seeing 2016’s La La Land a whopping twelve times in theaters). Along the way I also found a love of television. I got into Heroes and Smallville in middle school and kept bingeing shows from there. I’ve seen the first seven seasons of my favorite drama show, Game of Thrones around 8 times, and I’ve seen the entirety of my favorite comedy show, 30 Rock, around at least 20 times. Needless to say, I’m obsessed with visual media.

This website has been a long time in the making. I was always writing reviews on my Facebook page and everyone I knew said I should start a website. I finally got around to it in early 2019 and here are with Please Press Play. During my time in college at the University of Central Arkansas, I took film, communication, and public relations classes. Projects in these classes made me finally step up and take criticism seriously. On this site I’ll review all things entertainment, including: music, video games, television, and of course film. I hope you enjoy my insights into entertainment, and get something out of each piece I write.

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