Month: October 2020

Ariana Grande – Positions (Album Review)

Ariana Grande has been busy the last three years. She dropped one of the best pop albums of the decade in 2016, her blockbuster masterpiece Dangerous Woman. After a two year hiatus and some very publi...

7.7 Good

Ranking & Reviewing the Chucky Franchise

When I was a child, I was terrified to go into the Spencer’s at my local mall. Part of it was the loud music and dark lighting but most of it had to do with the terrifying Chucky doll that the store h...

8.4 Great

Over the Moon – Movie Review

Coming of age stories are told in film all of the time – especially in animation. Disney in particular loves to make coming of age stories (with a side of tragedy to help make both kids and thei...

7.8 Good

The Undoing (Episode 1) – TV Review

With luxurious townhouses, intriguing mystery, and a winning cast, HBO has another hit on their hands with The Undoing.

9.6 Amazing

The Witches (2020) – Movie Review

Remakes are all the rage these days. It seems everywhere you look, classic (or in this case, cult classic) films are being remade all of the time – especially family films. The success rate vari...

6.6 Fair

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